Professor of Applied Game Theory & Economist, Regulatory Policy Commission

Jonathan Cave is a Senior Fellow at the University of Warwick, attached to the Department of Economics, the Warwick Policy Lab and the Alan Turing Institute. He also works with European consultancies (e.g. GNKS in the Netherlands, WIK in Germany and 21c in the UK) on a wide range of policy-related projects. He serves as an Economist Member of the UK's Regulatory Policy Committee, the body with statutory responsibility for scrutiny of the Impact Assessments and Post-Implementation Reviews of all UK and European regulations and significant activities of UK regulators. He has conducted extensive research and policy analysis for domestic and international institutions for over 20 years on a wide range of issues relating to the intersection of law, economics and technology, latterly on matters relating to privacy, cybersecurity, business model innovation, computerised/high-speed financial markets and the economics and ethics of data analytics. He has also worked on e-government, uses of data and the reduction of regulatory burdens since the early 2000's, especially in work commissioned by UK government (National Audit Office, Ofcom), the European Commission, and the European Parliament. He has conducted many impact assessments and programme evaluations.

Dr Jonathan Cave, Professor of Applied Game Theory & Economist, Regulatory Policy Commission



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